Shifting Lines is a long haul epic sort of fanfiction about Remus, and Wolfstar. It starts off on September 1st, 1971, and whenever I get to the ending it will be well past the ending of Goblet of Fire… I’m not sure how long past it but probably a good while.

I started this because I needed to write something new and I hadn’t written fanfic in a long time. Everything just started pouring out and it’s been pulling me since. This is something I am doing for fun, but I hope people are enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it. And when I say long haul I mean it.

Also this is a slow burn. Wolfstar won’t be getting officially together until much later though there will be lots of pining and Remus being stupidly oblivious to fact Sirius is flirting with him.

I’m pretty sure this story is rated M? I’m a write it, wing it, let the characters develop the story type of writer so a lot of plot stuff I have no idea what’s going to happen until it does.

There’s not really a big plot just mostly following Remus through his life and eventual relationship with Sirius. There are lots of random slices of life scenes with the Marauders cause I love writing those. Like most of it for their time at Hogwarts is just getting through their lives and ups and downs, etc, etc.

It will be broken up into nine “books”. Book one is Year One, book two is Year Two, etc, etc, then book eight I intend to be 1978-1981, and book nine 1981-1996. I really hope it works out that way but we’ll see how things go.

Current tags are: lots of angst, fluff, some smut (nothing too explicit, most bedroom scenes will be a fade to black though there will be some smut (explicit, possibly… but not much of that at all) and discussing sex, etc), abuse, manipulated consent, self-harm?? I think?, depression, suicide mention, death (I will be covering the Wizarding war and of course Halloween 1981), gore… ermmm I can’t think of anything else at the moment but I’m probably missing a lot.

If you want pairing tags feel free to email me at Dovahtobi@gmail.com

The world in Shifting Lines is mostly canon up until the end of the fifth HP book. Anything fifth book and beyond most likely won’t exist, with a few exceptions. For instance:  Tonks will exist but Remus won’t be ending up with her. The location of the Order headquarters will be different when I get to the OotP times, and the battle at the Ministry will go a bit differently…

Also werewolves are a bit different in my story, certainly nothing like the movie portrayed. They are close to what the books stated with a few tweaks.

Anyway if you want to read, head on over to the links to the chapters and… if you enjoy it, feel free to let me know! I’m pretty sure anonymous commenting is on… also I am currently getting chapters out every Tuesday and Friday. That might change to more per week or less per week depending how the summer goes.

If you want to support the story on AO3 here’s the link!

If you want to support the story on Wattpad here’s my profile!

If you want to support the story on fanfiction.net here’s my profile!

IN ADDITION!!! I may be writing a companion fanfiction to this, told from Sirius’s side of the story. I’m not quite sure yet, but it’s a possibility.

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    • Hey!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series!! I’m not sure when we’ll get to book three. We’re only a little under halfway through book two at the moment and I haven’t finished writing it. 😦 Sorry I can’t really answer the question. But I hope you continue to enjoy the series!!


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